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Guidance and Counseling

Students Counseling Centre Student counseling system is set to help and support students to cope with the difficulties and failures in life. The committee is to make student facing failures and difficulties instead of withdrawing Relevance Education institutes are meant to serve the society and by way of preparing good students, the institutes are carving the future of nation and giving society better leaders and workmen.

It is the responsibility of the institute to serve the students in effective and efficient manner and contribute in making of the society. In today’s time, competition made the man machine, ethical values are disappearing, and emotional and physical health is sacrificed for the sake of worldly evanescent success. Every other day, we hear about the suicides of students because of failure in education and meeting the expectation of society, family, and college. In such times, it is essential to have a council that can help students deal with these issues and win over the obstacle in personal and education life Objectives

To provide guidance to the students on various option available in the course of their study.
To identify & develop student abilities and interest.
To help students solve their personal, educational & psychological problems.
To create awareness among the students for their career avenues.
To develop positive attitude & behavior toward challenges of life.
To provide information to the students on the scope and relevance of all areas within and beyond their curriculum.
To recognize their strength weakness.
To provides psychological counseling and training to students, teachers and parents
To prevent psychological issues such as stress, depression and anxiety and provides remedy to such issues if any
To provide special attention to hostellers who have specific issues like home sick and adjust mental problems
To make students competent in soft skills, creativity, team work, communication and many more skills in addition to their technical education Student counseling centre: The College has a Counseling centre to help the students out of their problems, personal, psychological, religious, financial and so on. At times psychological problems arise as a result of academic strain and stress, which required considerate and understanding consultation and counseling. This is provided by a team of efficient staff counselors under a convener. To get the services of counseling Centre, the students can directly contact the convener or any member of the staff, anytime, anywhere.

The Counseling services in Bhivrabai Sawant Polytechnic are part of the academic requirements of MSBTE. The Management upholds its philosophy reflected in its Motto: “your Success is our Service”, with the help of Counselors. To achieve the goal of the institution to the fullest level, the guidance and counseling services are essential and it will be offered through the counseling office, for the students to help them make proper adjustments with environment in which they are living and for optimum achievements and also adequate adjustment in varied life situations. This is to enable the students to succeed in their educational plan and to be consistent with their abilities, interests and goal. The Centre therefore provides a nurturing environment where each student empowered to face life challenges and move ahead to achieve their academic goals.

The counseling is done by an efficient counselor; the students may contact the counseling center directly or through their Staff advisors. Parents can also contact the counselor with regard to any concern they may have about their ward Mentoring and counseling Services. Every teaching staff is attached with 20 students and take care of the academic related counseling and also monitor the attendance and academic progress of the students. They also maintain contacts with the parents of the students. In general students suffer from mental stress resulting in depression, anxiety, adjust mental disorder, personality disorder, difficulty in handling relationships (with peers, family members) and substance abuse. In such cases students are referred or directed to professional counselors who are available in the campus. Counselors help to resolve and avoid potential problems and also help students to make constructive changes. What is counseling? It is a process wherein the aim is to help clients, mainly outside medical setting. The counselor's repertoire of skills includes those of forming an understanding relationship as well as interventions focused on helping clients change specific aspects of their feeling thinking and acting for effective living and personal responsibility. All sorts of people go for counseling and this doesn't mean that they are "mad" or "weak".

On the contrary, people who do come for counseling are showing a willingness to deal with their problems rather than running away from them. A counselor is a helping professional Counseling is effective when the recipient is willing and agrees to seek help.

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