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To develop a responsive and accountable attitude among the students community in order to maintain a melodious educational atmosphere in the institute

M1: To provide smooth organizational framework to resolve grievances of the students.
M2: To investigate the reason and ensure effective solutions of the grievances.

1. To take necessary measures to achieve the objectives of eliminating the threat of ragging within the Institution or outside
2. To act on the defaulters who are found guilty of ragging and /or helping ragging, actively or passively, or being part of a plan to promote ragging

1. Meet periodically to discuss important matters, incidences and UGC guidelines on anti-ragging
2. Act as a mediator between the Anti-ragging squad, administration and the students
3. Prevent incidences of ragging
4. Educate students on the negativity of ragging and inculcate good values which help them refrain from such acts
5. Monitor anti – ragging activities in the Institution
6. Help maintain the ethos of the Institution – Ragging free campus
7. Meet students in the students’ assembly and brief them about the Institution’s stand about ragging
8. Organize programmes to create awareness
9. Disseminate information on Anti ragging rules & regulations
10. Give attention to the recommendations of the Anti-ragging Squad in the right perspective

Sr.No. Name of Member Designation
3 MR. D.S.HAKE Police Constable
4 Mr. DIPAK NAIK Local Press reporter
5 Mr. DHOKALE TATYABHAU representatives of parents
6 MR.SAHANE M.E. Faculty Co-ordinator
7 MR.PATHAN S.J. Faculty Co-ordinator
8 MRS.RASAL S.S. Faculty Co-ordinator
9 MRS.BHAGAT V.B. Faculty Co-ordinator
10 MRS .Gund M.D. Faculty Co-ordinator
11 MR.PAWAR R.J. Faculty Co-ordinator
12 MR. SACHIN GHUGE Faculty Co-ordinator
13 Vaibhavi Parahad Student Co-ordinator (F.Y)
14 Tushar Awhale Student Co-ordinator (F.Y)
15 Ashish Chaudhari Student Co-ordinator (T.Y)

To develop an approachable and responsible attitude among the students community in order to maintain a pleasant educational atmosphere in the Institute.

To prevent the unfair practices and to provide an appliance to innocent students for redressing grievances.

1. Maintain the dignity of the college by ensuring trouble free atmosphere in the college by promoting friendly environment between students and student-teacher relationship.
2. To conduct opinion surveys in the form of regular classroom feedbacks to encourage suggestions of the students in order to have a friendly academic environment.
3. To provide an easily accessible mechanism for settlement of grievances of the students as well as staff.
4. To investigate the cause of grievances.

1. In case of any malpractice observed, then strict actions will be taken depending on offence.
2. The grievance redressal cell is also empowered to look into matters of harassments or complaints lodged by students as well as staff.
3. If any grievance occurs then judge its merit and also take strict actions on those issues.
4. Advising all staff to be friendly with the students and advise them not to behave in bad manner towards any situation.

Sr.No. Name of Member Designation
1 Dr. S.V. Admane Chairman
2 Mr. V.K. Otari Member
3 Mr. F.M. Tamboli Member
4 Mr. Takale V.B. Member
5 Mrs. Gaikwad S.G. Member
6 Mr. Kumthekar Pradip Member (Student)
7 Ms. Divyani Chavhan Member (Student)

To provide and maintain a dignified, congenial working environment for girl students and women employees, where they can work, study and explore their potential to the fullest.

M1 - To equip the female students, faculty and staff members with knowledge of their legal rights.
M2 - To provide a platform for listening to complaints and redressal of grievances.

1. To resolve issues pertaining to girls’/women’s sexual harassment.
2. To create awareness among the female students, faculty and staff members of their legal rights.
3. To safeguard the rights of female students, faculty and staff members.
4. To provide a platform for listening to their grievances.
5. To incorporate hygiene habits and ensure a healthy atmosphere in and around the college.
6. To ensure personality along with academic development of students.
7. To ensure safe environment in college campus.

1. To provide a platform for listening to complaints and redressal of grievances
2. To advise and guide the girls students and also educate them about women empowerment.
3. To give the knowledge of women legal rights to female students and staff members.
4. To resolve issues relating to women’s harassment as per AICTE guidelines.
5. To organize awareness programs, motivational talks including visits to the public/ government run women guidance cells.
6. To provide a women-friendly learning/working environment without any gender bias.

Sr.No. Name of Member Designation
1 Mrs. Kale M.S. Chairperson
2 Mrs. Patil C.B. Secretary Member
3 Mrs. Shaikh J.N. Member
4 Mrs. Sonone V.W Member
5 Mrs. Phatangare S.B. Member
6 Mrs. Gund Monali Member
7 Mrs. Sujata Patil NGO Member

Creating, fostering and promoting the spirit of entrepreneurship among students.

To extend required support to aspiring entrepreneurs

The main objectives of the CELL are as follows:
1. Provide required training for entrepreneurship development.
2. Provide required information for establishing venture.
3. To guide in identifying mentors and establishing network.

The EDP cell co-ordinates various activities directed towards enterprise creation and entrepreneurship development.
1. Organize training sessions frequently.
2. Organize seminars and workshop.
3. Organize business model competitions.
4. Organize stakeholder’s meet.
5. Organize visits STPI (Software Technology Parks in India), MCCIA (Maratha Chambers of Commerce Industries and Agriculture).
6. Develop facilities like library for ED cell.
7. Provide access to all institutional resources.
8. Establish office /work space for ED cell.
9. Prepare semester wise activity plan.

Sr.No. Name of Member Designation
1 Prof.Shriganesh Mane EDC HEAD
2 Prof.Sanjay Jagtap Event Convener
3 Prof.Raghvendra Kadkol TPO
4 Prof.Anand Jadhav EJ-TPC-Cordinator
5 Prof.Bhagayashri Bhandari CO-TPC-Cordinator
6 Prof.Dnyaneshwar Pawar EE-TPC-Cordinator
7 Prof.Leena Gawale CE-TPC-Cordinator
8 Prof.Sanket Gaikwad ME-TPC-Cordinator
9 Prof.Yogesh Sapnar Lecturer
10 Mr.Abhishek Pawshekar CO-President
11 Mr.Anirudh Gaikwad EE-President
12 Mr.Sanket Sawant ME-President

To harness alumni association for mutual gain.

Institutional development through proactive activities involving alumni, at the same time offering professional development tools to the alumni.

1. To provide platform to strengthen relation among alumni, present students and faculty members.
2. To work in association for the benefit of institute.

1. To provide organization through which the alumni of the polytechnic can keep in touch with the students and staff of the polytechnic, with the activities of the polytechnic and with one another.
2. To enable the alumni to take part in such activities of the Polytechnic as may contribute to the general improvement the status of the polytechnic.
3. To help the alumni to get achieve from the Polytechnic on various technical problems that they may come across in their work.
4. To create and establish endowments for instituting prizes and scholarships for students of the polytechnic on the basis of the merit and render financial aid to deserving poor students studying in the Polytechnic.
5. To fulfill the aims as the general body may decide from time to time.

Sr.No. Name of Member Designation

Effective implementation of policies and programs give up by AICTE and the government for the SC, ST students and employee and help them by providing academic and allied assistance in order to achieve equality and social justice.

M1 - To accelerate academic and social performance and provide other measures to uplift of SC, ST students and employees
M2 - To provide opportunity and facilities to SC, ST students and employees for bringing them in the mainstream.

The main objectives of the CELL are as follows:
1. To maintain the reservation policy for SCs/STs in the College.
2. To disseminate and counsel SC/ST & OBC students of the college to utilize the benefits of the schemes offered by the Government and AICTE.
3. To bring the students belongs to SC/ST community at par with the main stream student body.
4. To create a platform where students can point out their problems, regarding academic and non-academic matters.
5. To monitor the implementation of reservation policy in the institution.

1. Nomination of SC/ST faculties and students at the college level.
2. Resolve the grievances of staff and students of SC/ST community.
3. Disseminate the information about different welfare schemes to SC/ST students.
4. Implementation of SC/ST reservation in the institute as per Government policy.
5. Accepting and registering grievances form SC/ST employees and students, addressing it to related department and its satisfactory resolution.
6. All affairs related to SC/ST students.
7. To aware the SC/ST students regarding various scholarships program of State Government and AICTE.
8. To take such follow up measures for achieving the objectives and targets give up for the purpose by the Government of India and the AICTE.

Sr.No. Name of Member Designation
1 Mr.Sachin Admane Principal Chairman
2 Mrs.Rohini S. Dhorje E&TC Member
3 Mr.Pandurang V. Kasbe Mechanical Member
4 Mr.Harishchandra Shire Mechanical Member
5 Mr.Shinde D.R. E&TC Member